Happy Employees a Key to Success

Every good business leader is concerned about employee morale.  Motivating and retaining good people is critical to achieving long-term business success. The following are five concepts (there are many more!) to consider in achieving high employee satisfaction.

  • Get buy-in from your people. Your staff should understand the bigger picture in your company; your vision, mission and goals. By understanding how they fit in to contributing to the company’s success, your team members will be more motivated to fulfill their role with excellence.
  • Tell the Truth. Team members appreciate honesty and candor. People will naturally work more effectively for an organization, and people, that they trust. Along this vein, honor commitments you make to your people, whether it be a bonus, a benefit, or a holiday party.  Making good on promises goes along with earning people’s trust.
  • Recognize Good Performance. Too many managers work on an exception basis – quick to point out mistakes, while missing opportunities to highlight accomplishments. Publicly recognize team members who perform well and get positive feedback from clients. Some companies hand out ‘spot bonuses’ to recognize achievement.
  • Empower People. Once a team member demonstrates their ability, provide them the freedom and authority to do their job effectively. It is demoralizing to have someone constantly looking over their shoulder and second guessing their work. At the same time, provide employees clear direction and objectives.
  • Have Fun. Many people spend most of their waking hours at work. Make your workplace an environment they actually enjoy. Recognizing birthdays and other life events is a good excuse to bring people together for a short celebration.  Summer and holiday parties that include families are events that make people feel a sense of community at work, and feel they are valued.  Celebrate company accomplishments, while acknowledging to your people that it could not have happened without them.