In February of 2018, Meredith Corporation acquired Time Inc. and began aggressive integration and cost saving efforts. At the time we leveraged a critical application to optimize postal rates (Presort) that ran on a legacy Time Inc. mainframe targeted for decommissioning.

Due to the imminent shutdown of the mainframe environment, Meredith needed an alternative solution quickly. Techaffinity Consulting had managed the application for several years and were the obvious choice to migrate the functionality to a sustainable platform. Cliff and his team stepped up to the challenge and led an effort to migrate this COBOL application to a Microfocus environment in the AWS cloud.

The migration effort had an aggressive timeline, budget and rigid performance requirements. Techaffinity succeeded in delivering the project on time, on budget and with better performance than the legacy environment.

In addition to this major effort, we also partnered with Techaffinity to augment a campaign management solution and to transition a custom freight management solution to AWS. Overall, Techaffinity has been a valuable and reliable partner for Meredith Corporation during our integration efforts
Mike Lacy
SVP/CIO of Meredith Corporation
Since 2013, Time Customer Service has been very aggressive in expanding its capabilities to service the needs of a growing roster of clients in the dynamic subscription services and media industry and Techaffinity Consulting has played a key role to the success we have achieved. As they have done for the past 15 years, they continue to provide quality resources with in- depth knowledge of our business, combined with their ability to integrate their resources with our staff, have made them an invaluable partner.

I look forward to our continued partnership with Techaffinity Consulting.
Jacqueline Gebhardt
Time Customer Service, Inc
For the past six years I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Techaffinity Consulting who supports our programming needs for Circulation Statistics. Over the years our business and client needs have changed and Techaffinity Consulting has been by our side to change and grow along with us.  They have always been readily available for an impromptu call or meeting to discuss an issue.  They work incredibly hard to make sure that our projects are installed within our established schedule. Year over year we’ve been able to increase our capacity and efficiency by more than 60% and I attribute this to the excellent relationship and rapport we have with Techaffinity Consulting. What we appreciate most about working with Techaffinity Consulting is their ability to deliver whether it is turning around a special request, correction or

brainstorming solutions to business challenges. I can truly always count on them to help us meet and exceed our client’s expectations.
Dana Lawrence
Project Leader Circulation Statistics Time Customer Service, Inc
At FreshDirect, we’ve had the pleasure of working with Techaffinity Consulting since February 2017. As our business grows and we continue to expand into new markets, via both FreshDirect and our sister brand FoodKick, we’ve been able to consistently ensure a positive customer experience with help from Techaffinity Consulting, a reliable and hands-on partner. We brought in Techaffinity Consulting because we needed a scalable solution that provided tier 1 logging and triage of customer service escalations, as well as internal requests and troubleshooting.

They are an extremely dependable, trusted partner of ours. We have a great relationship with their management team, who make themselves available regularly to review the team’s quality of work and to receive feedback when necessary. We greatly look forward to our continued partnership.
Jon Malat
Vice President, Application Development for FreshDirect