Winning the IT Talent Contest

Most business leaders agree that success in their business depends heavily on having good people; the business of Information Technology (IT) is no different.  Technology managers recognize they must have the right talent in place to ensure high performance in both new projects and ongoing operations.

“Our clients realize that people are just as important, if not more important than the technology itself,” remarked Cliff Bradley, Vice President & Co-founder at TechAffinity Consulting, “They understand that, in the end, IT is also a people business.”

A review of several industry studies point to the following dynamics concerning IT staffing:

  • Shortage in number of qualified graduates
  • Increased use of outsourcing to staff projects and ongoing functions
  • Increased demands on IT departments to support IT-based business needs
  • Retaining top talent
  • Rising compensation rates

To meet demands, many businesses are increasing use of outside talent firms to source and place people with the right skill sets.   Others are beefing up their own internal recruiting capabilities.  Whatever the approach, companies will need to continually sharpen their human resource strategies to succeed in this competitive market for top IT talent.